Dolly and Banjo's Puppies

born May 30, 2018

2 days shy of 7 weeks!!

Puppy Play

Aussiedoodle puppies at 4 weeks 1 day

Bobby and Brandy the two available puppies are featured in this video.

Starting to potty train and wean at 3.5 weeks!!

This video shows the process we have set up to start the wee 3.5 week old pups that potty is outside not in the kennel.  These babes have started to explore their surroundings so they are loving the extra space and safe den in the pole barn just steps from our house.

3.5 week old aussiedoodles!!

Check out this great video of all the puppies!! 

Entire Feb. 2019 Dolly and Banjo's litter

1 weeks 1 day old

Newborns Nursing